There’s nothing I hate more than going to someone’s website and reading their marketing materials and often boring bio. Your prospects want to hear about what makes you unique- not why you’re the same as all the others.
Your Truth Will Set You Free.
People want to hear your truth- and using a story as the medium to tell it is the perfect way to get more clients into your business.  Integrate your story into your marketing, your talk, your entire business- and you’ll see more interested clients come your way.
Here are some tips to get started:
1.) Don’t tell the Cinderella version! Tell the ugly step-sister, warped version, but keep the happy ending. Your bumps along the path to success show your potential clients that you can be trusted to solve their problems. For example, I share that I did some things in the beginning of my business that, had I known what I know now, I certainly would have done them differently. People aren’t looking for perfect- they want real.
2.) Ditch the bio! Find a great angle or point of view instead of listing your credentials. Maybe you touch on 67 credentials and maybe you talk about where you went to school. Maybe it’s talking about your kids or your family – and those things are important. But  People like to hear about them. But what’s most important is providing context. In your story, you should be answering this question: Why me instead of someone else?
3.) Keep it interesting! Remember to keep your story entertaining- but to the point. You wouldn’t be drawn to something that you thought was boring, would you? Demonstrate how you came to start your business, and people will listen. Insert humor, emotion, great details, but always come back to why your story demonstrates that your business is the perfect fit.
Don’t know what your story is, or even where to start? Dig deep. It’s there. It might be covered up or it may be something that you’re afraid to share, but it’s definitely there.