It’s no secret- speaking from the stage is one of the fastest ways to massive, repeatable, consistent paydays. In fact, in my own business, speaking has generated the largest infusions of cash. Hands down. And it’s done so over and over again.

Over 75% of my revenue in the last year can be directly attributed to speaking and events. With that in mind, what could adding speaking do for you?

Uncovering the speaking goldmine didn’t happen overnight for me. At my earliest gigs in front of 6 people, I would think, “What am I doing wrong?”… if I landed a speaking gig at all. Eventually, I figured it out. 😉

I have a few ideas for you to get started:

1.) Don’t be picky. Go local and land gigs for small groups. Every speaking experience you have will matter at the beginning. Focus on making great connections, building exposure, and getting clear on your message.

2.) Sell something. Sometimes you will sell items that cost money and sometimes you’ll sell for free. For example, you might offer a book for sale and take payments. Certain organizations will ask that you don’t sell, but you can still sell! Give something away and collect names. You’re always selling- regardless if you are taking a credit card or not.

3.) Get creative. I emailed friends, family, and colleagues with the requirement of introducing me to at least one person they knew that could get me in front of people at clubs, churches, schools, companies, etc.  You would be surprised who your family knows!

4.) Prepare, prepare, prepare! Don’t show up with nothing to show for all of your hard work. Once you get to the speaking gig, make sure you’ve created a story that will entertain your audience, but also show them why you’re the right person to work with. Start by telling a story!

Speaking is the ticket to building your list, your visibility, and your income. Grab that chance whenever you can to see big results!