The odds of winning the Powerball are roughly 175 million to one. But that doesn’t discourage people from betting every single day. A lot believe that winning the jackpot is their only way to retire. So, if you won the prize money, what would you do with all that dough? Today, Suzanne and Melonie share what they would do with the cash. More importantly, Suzanne poses the question – What’s keeping you from doing those things now? Tune in and play the numbers game with Suzanne and Melonie.


f you had $30 million in your hand right now, what would you do? And why aren’t you doing that now?

– Suzanne Evans


In this episode:

  • Who is Yolanda Vega?
  • What the cash payout would be if you won $100 million in the lottery
  • Suzanne and Melanie’s plans if they won the lottery
  • What would you do if you won?
  • What’s keeping you from doing those things now?


Yolanda Vega



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