How often do we quit when things get hard? When do you stop and ask yourself if you’re still going to keep going or just give up? Today, Suzanne shares an unusual encounter at one Waffle House the morning after attending a friend’s wedding. She is going to tell you about the life lesson she picked up from that experience. Whether you’re an employee or a business person, this is something you shouldn’t pass up!


“If you want to get something done, find a busy person to do it.”

– Suzanne Evans


In this episode:


  • The bizarre incident at Waffle House
  • We all have a choice in life when things get hard
  • Quitting and needing a break are two different things
  • How to get ahead – whether you’re an employee or a business person
  • Doing the right thing as compared to doing what is easy – What’s right is very rarely ever easy




Waffle House


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