A few weeks ago, I worked with a group of kids enrolled in the Young Founders Program, a local startup that teaches young people in my area  entrepreneurial  skills over the summer.
(Don’t you wish you were taught this stuff in school? I know I do!)
These budding entrepreneurs, ages 12-16, were learning about concepts like unique  value propositions, ideal clients, and cost structure. They even constructed a real business model canvas that consisted of a fun and smart way to deliver pizza more effectively.  I mean seriously, this is high level material that I teach fully grown business owners!
There was something else about the group that really wowed me.
I loved seeing how these young people weren’t hung up on the outcome. Success or failure, they just went for it. That’s a powerful lesson. Follow their example- always take action now and worry about what happens if you fail later. 
Here are some of my tips on how to find that drive inside and get started (not later, now!):

1. Find your drive! I wish there was a magic pill for drive because you can’t be in business https://www.newlinecarpets.com.au/buy-generic-viagra-online/ without it. In fact, there’s very little you can do in life that’s worthwhile if you can’t muster up the drive to push forward. If you don’t have the drive to put yourself out there, the lessons would be lost and the insights worthless. The most important thing we can give ourselves in our business is a sense of drive.

2. Understand that the only way out is through! Take a look at businesses that succeed. You’ll notice that every single one of them took drive to create, grow, and flourish. If you’re not doing the scary stuff in this moment, then you aren’t making the money you could make or growing the business at the speed you could grow it. Don’t let fear stop you. If you fail, you can always try again. In fact, that’s the only option.

3. Don’t be attached to the outcome! Once you’ve found the motivation to get started, you’ve got to switch gears a little bit to stop falling into the same behaviors that leave you anxious or procrastinating. If your happiness is attached to the outcome, than you’ll never really be satisfied with anything you accomplish that isn’t perfect. You should still strive for perfection, but even more than that, strive toward constant forward motion.

The kids I worked with didn’t need reminders on any of the tips above, but maybe you do. A mind that is detached from the end result won’t make you younger, but it will make you stronger. If you let go of the end result, you’ll be able to think more creatively to discover a new path, and alternative situation, and a more capable business.

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