Managing kids, pets or parents with your business is no easy feat. There will always come a time where you will feel guilty of either working a lot or spending too much time with your family. If there’s something else going on in your world besides you, it’s going to have some sort of impact on your business. Today, Suzanne will talk about how you can manage that guilt, let it go, and be a successful entrepreneur.  This one is for the books!


“Chaos and complication are very expensive.”

– Suzanne Evans


In this Episode


  • What it’s like to be a parent while running a business
  • The simplification process – what matters and what doesn’t
  • Why implementing the 10/10/10 Rule improves your business
  • See the magic that comes with being an entrepreneur
  • The rewards of simplifying your business




Simplicity Parenting

10/10/10 by the Heath Brothers


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