No, I’m not talking about that “B” word. 

I’m talking about bossy. Merriam-Webster defines bossy as “inclined to domineer, dictatorial, liking to order people around.”

Bossy and rude aren’t synonyms. When I hear the word bossy, I see ambition and a “get it done” attitude. 

I like being in charge. I like being front and center, and I always have. That’s not a bad thing- in fact, it’s a blessing. If I didn’t enjoy being in a leadership position, I probably wouldn’t have even started my business.

People have recognized that I’m a leader since an early age- and I found proof in my parent’s house! Click here to watch the video:

Being bossy is not a bad thing! You’ve just got to do it right. Here are some tips on being bossy and “the boss”- all at the same time:

  1. Lead fearlessly. Because I’m “bossy”, I’m not afraid to take risks in my business. While others might not find the initiative to try new things with their business, a strong leader understands that new strategies are the only way to expand your business. A clear mind and a courageous demeanor will excite clients and draw them to you. Never be afraid to say something- having a voice is one of the most defining traits of a great leader.
  1. Lead with poise.One of the best parts about leadership is the actual, you know, leading. However, a great leader means admitting when you’re wrong andalways learning from mistakes. If you’re too proud to admit when something hasn’t gone as planned, you’ll never grow from it. Being transparent with your clients, your team, and everyone you work with will make them see you as a natural boss.
  2. Lead with your “why”. People don’t buy what you’re doing, but they will buywhy you’re doing it. If you were born to help people lose weight, grow their business, or overcome adversity, then tell people! Show people you have the authority, and then lead them from there.

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So, is being bossy really so bad? Next time someone says you’re bossy, consider it a compliment. Get yourself out there and make something happen like the boss you are.