Stop! Don’t forget to Upgrade to All Access to get additional training while at the event!


You can purchase an All Access Upgrade for $199. I understand that by clicking, “Yes! Upgrade to All Access Now”, I am authorizing Driven Inc. to charge the card used to place my refundable deposit of $197 for my upgrade. The purchase of an all access upgrade is non-refundable, however it can be applied to new product or program purchases.

Here’s what you’ll get with All Access:

  • ??Lunch & Learn (Day 1) – Lunch with expert training.
  • Lunch & Learn (Day 2) – An exclusive Q&A session with Suzanne and Larry. A chance to meet your hosts and pick their brains.
  • ?Bonus (4th) Day of Training- Never Sell Again: Learn To Sell Yourself, Your Speaking Gigs, Programs, and Products by Using Your Movement To Have People Running To You! – In person Private Training Day with Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget.?
  • VIP Registration – Nothing sucks more after a cramped flight than waiting in line to register. Your registration will be fast and easy!
  • Priority Seating – At the front of the room, so you won’t miss a thing and a table for your notes. Your laptop. Your tablet.