There’s 1 characteristic that will immediately kill the credibility of a speaker.

Take a guess…I’ll give you a hint:Imagine a speaker walks up on the stage.

Timidly, they ask the audience how they’re doing. Their shoulders are pulled forward, head kind of looks down, one hand in their pocket, and their voice slightly trembles…

All of this indicates that they lack CLARITY.

And if you don’t have clarity, then you don’t have confidence.

There are instant credibility killers.

Imagine that’s you speaking.

You can feel the audience looking at you with doubt and skepticism.

They may be wondering if you’re a phony. Maybe you’re not even an expert. What gives you the right to speak to them?

Well…Are they right? Are you an expert?

Let me help you…To speak on a topic and help others, you don’t have to be a guru from the stage. You just need to be further along than they are.

But that doesn’t mean you should start talking and teaching about anything you want.

To deliver your message with confidence, you must have CLARITY.There are 2 things that give you the clarity and confidence to speak about a topic:

1. Your experience
2. Your knowledge.
3.Your message needs to be based on your experience with a problem, and the solution to overcome it…

For example, what gives me the right to teach about speaking and business?

Well, going from a secretary making around $40k a year to 7 figures through speaking is my experience.

I teach people how to do the same thing.Clarity based on experience.Or, it needs to be based on the knowledge you’ve gained through research.

Take Larry Winget, 6-time New York Times bestselling author who reads hundreds and thousands of books on different topics.

That’s knowledge.He’s got clarity based on the research he’s done.

So ask yourself, where do you have experience overcoming a problem and what research have you done or can you do.

Use this simple guideline based on your knowledge and experience to get clear on your message.

The last thing you want is to stand in front of an audience, start speaking and realize you don’t know as much as you thought you did.

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