Speaking is the fastest path to cash. Speak Mastermind shows you how and gets you there.

In Speak, you’ll learn two key speaking models: how to sell from the stage and making a keynote speech. We teach both so that you can use the most efficient tools to build your business… and keep growing.

Your audience listens because they know you’re the expert. When you utilize speaking, you’ve positioned yourself as a leader and as someone your ‘tribe’ can trust. Speak builds your credibility even further.

In Speak, you’ll receive the step-by-step blueprint to expanding and accelerating your speaking business through done-for-you content, game-changing live events, and live coaching with Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget. You’ll even be published in a book. How’s that for credibility?

You can join Speak Mastermind at any stage in your business! Beginning entrepreneurs and experienced, long running businesses can benefit from taking the stage.

Jackie Simmons

Sarasota, FL

Success Journey Academy

From zero to hero? Yes, and from a struggling practitioner to hosting my own events. There’s not a faster path to becoming a professional speaker than Speak Mastermind.

Mark David Gibson

Atlanta, GA

Business Communications Strategist, Coach, and Speaker

The Driven Inc. team have one goal in mind- your success. The energy is palpable and you are among like minded professionals to get you where you want to go. Speak Mastermind will give you everything and I mean “everything” to get started.

Tina Ketchie Stearns

Winston-Salem, NC

Attorney & Consultant

I’ve seen a 160% increase in my monthly income with my highest grossing month reaching $17,000 so far. Being in business for ten years, this has been the first year I’ve felt that my earnings have equalled my talent. That is so rewarding. I’ve felt a stronger sense of purpose in doing what I do and that has directly translated to my clients and people I speak to.

Get connected with a private group of speaking experts in 12 months of step-by-step brand building and speaking training.

You’ll get your own personalized plan to grow your business with speaking, close more sales, and learn the ins and outs of successful entrepreneurship. Speak Mastermind with the skill set you need to make money any time, because as long as you can find an audience, you can sell anywhere.

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