Ever seen Busy Betty, the busiest person you know? She works and works… but never seems to get anything done.
In 2020, you definitely don’t want to be a Busy Betty. Here’s a few tips on how to avoid the label… and grow your business along the way: 
1. Pay attention! You should be able to clearly see which actions ARE and are not getting closer to your goals. Hours of “business research” aren’t going to work without action.
2. Monitor your energy and frustration levels. After a while it might become totally obvious that you’re choosing the hard way to get a taste of the drama. Drama is easier for some of us to access than practical action. Usually, it starts with determining your priorities.
3. Check if your priorities are in order. When you decide clearly what your priorities are and take action, confusion disappears. You have to make certain that your priorities also align with your values, but you also have to make sure you remain professional.
Don’t be a Busy Betty this year. Follow the steps above and make sure your hard work is actually translating into your tasks getting completed and your business always growing!