One of the biggest names in the world has built an empire through almost zero ad spend thanks to the new attention economy. No matter how you feel about the Kardashians, small business owners can learn a lot from how these social media masters laid their claim to such a large piece of attention real estate. Today, Suzanne and Melonie dig into why you have to start taking advantage of social media as the easiest, most affordable way to grow your business. They’re joined by a member of their team, Max, who was able to get recognition from major brands by being informed, engaging, and interesting online. Get ready to take notes, because you’ll walk away from this episode with strategies you can implement immediately to start generating attention.


“Forget marketing, forget sales, forget business systems… All of it is being uplifted, suffocated, outshined by the attention economy. ”

-Suzanne Evans

In this episode:

  • What we can learn from the Kardashians about leveraging social media
  • Why traditional sales systems and marketing are being upended by social media and the attention economy 
  • What draws people to curated social media feeds, and how you can get a piece of that
  • The four things small business owners can do to create content their audience pays attention to
  • How you can create 100 pieces of digital content every single day with the power of social media
  • How Max the Man got invited to TMZ’s web show by being informed, interesting, and approachable

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