In last week’s blog post, I shared how my team and I were preparing for our fall event, Take the Stage, and why events could provide huge benefits your business as well.
Take the Stage went really great, by the way. ūüôā
Now that I’ve explained the “why”, this week, I’m going to get into the “how”. How should you start preparing to put on an event?
Here are three factors to focus on when you’re preparing:
Fill your event the smart way.¬†It’s imperative to have a sales and marketing plan that flows your current clients into your event. This is the most overlooked part of event structure, but is crucial ¬†because it adds a sense of community for newcomers and clients alike! Draft a strategy to either fill your event via one by one sales or construct a plan to funnel people in to your event as a bonus from buying another program or service.
Give it some structure.¬†Always have an end result for your event in mind. What are you selling, when will it be offered, and how does all of the above impact your end result? Are you going to be offering a high level program? Or is this 100% delivery with no next steps? (Not my favorite model- I wouldn’t recommend holding an event with no follow up in the delivery!).
Prepare amazing content.¬†Content is not just teaching materials but a major part of your brand setting the stage for the lifetime value of a client. Plus, you want to keep people interested and entertained while they’re at your events so that maybe, they’ll come to the next one!
Events are fast revenue makers and these are just a few elements of a successful event plan. Events can be expensive and risky if you don’t have the support and understanding of the back end details, so make absolutely sure yours goes off without a hitch.