As entrepreneurs, we understand how easy it is to get stuck. You might not know exactly how you’re going to get your next client. Or the marketing that has kept you afloat for years just isn’t doing the trick anymore. In short, you need a little help.

That’s where coaching comes in. When you have an experienced, fresh set of eyes on your side, you can grow your business in record time.

But not all sessions are the same. The most coachable person reaps the most benefits of coaching.

Here are my top tips to make the most of your time in a coaching session with me!

1.) Come prepared! I’ll be taking your questions, but I might have a few of my own questions for you before I can get you to the next step. Make sure you come to our meeting with an idea of what problem your business solves and who you’re passionate about helping.

2.) Be coachable! The best clients are not only to hear tough coaching, but they are coachable and willing to put that advice into play. Make sure you come into our meeting with the right mindset to grow and develop your business toward success! If you don’t take action and make the right changes, your business won’t grow at the pace you want it to.

3.) Keep your goal in mind! What do you want to get out of your coaching session? Having an intention in mind will help you get more out of your time with me because you’ll have a goal to work toward. If you don’t have an intention chosen, think about your biggest obstacle to success.

Move past your biggest obstacles by having a plan for your coaching.