That “3 likes” feeling really sucks.

If it feels like the rules to getting more engagement on social media are always changing, that’s because they are.
On social media, staying relevant is the name of the game.
To run a profitable business in 2019 (and beyond), you need to be following the rules. Start with these tips!
1. Nail down your target audience!  Stop letting yourself get sucked into complicated marketing jargon and start by creating a rock solid foundation for the content you’ll be outputting.  Ask yourself, “Who is my ideal client? What are their wishes? What problem do I solve for them?” 
2. Give them visual content!  Walls of text on social media are getting more outdated by the minute. Your primary focus should be producing eye-catching images and videos. There’s a reason that every big brand is creating videos- they get more views. You don’t need a big fancy camera to start- your phone is fine.
3. Engage!  Of course, just posting won’t get you more engagement, you need to connect with your followers to build up trust. Encourage people to leave comments, or even just an emoji. Any sort of commenting pushes your post up the feed and boosts engagement!
If you’re ready to bring in more followers and create a fanbase that begs to work with you, use the strategies above to start. You’ll start seeing dozens more likes in no time!