You’ve heard it before. The one phrase that stops you cold in your tracks and kills any sale you were about to make.
Sorry, I can’t afford it.
It doesn’t have to be this way! There are several things you can say (every single time) to steer the conversation back in your direction. So you’ll get more clients, see more sales, and see a bigger bottom line. Here are some examples:
If money were no object, would this be a yes?” or… 
If you don’t move forward today, whats your plan to achieve your goal?
This is the only free coaching intensive I offer yearly and you are invited! I’m going to be giving you a strategy to make 2020 the year of overcoming objections, avoiding marketing mayhem, and enrolling more clients.
It’s next week, January 14-16 at 6pm Eastern daily and you’ll want to clear about 2 hours on your schedule each night to attend.
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