Business is the vehicle to what you really want in life. But are you driving an old, beat-up Chevy or a shiny new Porsche?

No matter what you do, it’s how you achieve it that will deliver you six-figure (or seven-figure) results. These habits will get you there more quickly:

1.) Don’t follow your passion- unless you’re passionate about hard work. One of my good friends, Larry Winget, says “Don’t run a business out of passion.” The dictionary definition of passion is an uncontrollable emotion. You don’t want anything about your business to be run by passion because you might be too close to it. Business is a science, not an art.

2.) Outwork everybody. That’s a requirement of running a small business, and life, really. Tenacity is the most important trait you can have in your business. There are no refunds for being lazy. The best way to start is to get organized. Before you start your day, make a block schedule! Block off minutes of time and mark specific start and end times for each task. You can typically do this in 30-minute increments, but adjust how you see fit.

3.) Be a storyteller. Lots of entrepreneurs get hung up on their marketing, but the best advice I could give someone just starting out is to stop “marketing” and tell your story instead! Share your journey, your mistakes, and your wins. If you do it well enough, you’ll answer the question “Why should I hire you?” for your clients before they even ask.

Choose the right strategies that will make you lots of money, work harder than anyone else is willing to, and use your story to reach more people. Once you’ve put those practices in place, you’ll see fast results- and maybe fast cars, too!