It’s time to ditch the fantasy people are selling you about building a business without doing the hard work. No matter how smart, qualified, or creative you are, the only thing that is going to put you ahead of the curve is your work ethic. In the inaugural episode of Serious Business, Suzanne and Melonie cut the crap and give you some tough love about the un-sexy side of getting the job done, no matter what. You’re not going to go from zero to thriving without effort and consistency, but commitment is what is going to bring you the big returns and the lifelong rewards. Tune in and be ready to ask yourself, “How do I really work?”


“The person who perspires the most in the beginning will aspire the most in the end.”

-Suzanne Evans

In this episode:

  • How do you work? Suzanne and Melonie share why your work ethic is the most important thing you bring to any table
  • The one thing it takes to build an empire that none of your gurus or memes are going to tell you
  • How to articulate your value and work ethic, and what it can do for your business
  • Why you need to ditch the search for joy-filled work and get real about what it takes to run a business
  • Not seeing big returns in your business? Suzanne explains why your money is directly tied to the effort you put in to making it
  • If you want to get ahead, you need to be prepared to do this

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