Is there a nagging voice inside your head that tells you you aren’t checking enough items off your to-do list? Maybe you feel like you’re just not being productive enough.

Don’t let self-doubt win! As a business owner, you already know that hard work and drive are only part of the equation. Doing the right tasks at the right time keeps you on track.

With these tips, anyone can be productive!

1.) Set a timer! If you notice the clock ticking as your tasks stay unfinished, try setting a timer for each one. Start by estimating the time you think it will take to finish your work on each task and set a timer for it- then go again! As you continue to practice this, you’ll be more aware of how you’re using your time… for better or worse!

2.) Mix it up! How are you tracking your tasks? An extra reminder never hurt anyone! The best place to start is old fashioned pen and paper. Productivity apps like Asana can keep yourself in check, too. Here’s the bottom line: keeping track of your goals in multiple places keeps them top of mind and helps you stay more productive.

3.) Give yourself a break! When you’re working from a creative standpoint, you need to be conscious of where you’re spending your energy. After spending hours on one task, it’s easy to lose focus. Don’t give up or stop working toward your goals! Allow yourself to take a few short breaks or even switch to a different task so that you don’t get totally fed-up with the task at hand.  

Timing is everything for business owners. Remember to do the right thing at the right time to keep yourself as productive as possible.

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