When you’re providing any type of service, people will always tell you to ask your consumers what they want. Suzanne and Melonie are here to prove everyone wrong. They will talk about how focusing on what you want to do will greatly benefit your clientele. Suzanne will impart her input on how you should approach your business, your way. Listen in and know where the magic happens!


“It can happen for you but it only happens when there is no box and you’re all in.”

– Suzanne Evans


In this episode:


  • Learn about Lil Nas X’s story and his hit single – Old Town Road
  • How business is considered an art form
  • Finding your high point and using it to your advantage
  • The magic that happens when you are all in
  • Do what you do for YOU



Lil Nas X

Billy Ray Cyrus


Noma Restaurant


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