For the experienced entrepreneur. Get to the next level with Driven Business School Elite.

Driven Business School Elite gives you all the benefits of Driven Business School, plus additional support for advanced entrepreneurs that are already off the ground and looking to get to the next level. You’ll work with our team to get a personalized plan that takes your business to the upper levels of success, clout, and revenue.

The support you receive in Driven Business School Elite is unlike any other program because we know the big secret…. What got you to Point A won’t get you to Point B.

In Driven Business School Elite, you’ll receive step-by-step blueprint to expanding, and accelerating your small business through our done-for-you content, powerful live training, Elite-exclusive live events, and personalized coaching with James Roche, the Director of Coaching and Strategy for Driven Inc.



Small Business Consultant

I went from making $333 a month in 2014 to averaging $10,000 a month in 2018. I would never have gotten there on my own. Being around like-minded entrepreneurs who are truly happy for my successes has made all the difference.


Portland, Or

Life Coach

I’ve seen a 160% increase in my monthly income with my highest grossing month reaching $17,000 so far. Being in business for ten years, this has been the first year I’ve felt that my earnings have equalled my talent. That is so rewarding. I’ve felt a stronger sense of purpose in doing what I do and that has directly translated to my clients and people I speak to.

Shevelle McPherson

Cherry Hill, NJ

Attorney & Consultant

I went from $0 to $5,000 per month within 6 months. I’ve had one month so far where I brought in $10,000. Because of the success of my virtual coaching business, I am able to do what I love, serve more women entrepreneurs while also having additional income, less stress and more time to travel , shop and enjoy the things in life that truly bring me personal joy.

You’ll never be lost or wondering “What could I do right now to make more money?” with 12 months of step-by-stepbusiness building and training.

You’ll get your own personalized strategy to reach the upper echelon of success through virtual group meetings, one-on-one consulting, and exclusive in-person retreats.

You’ll also receive personalized done-for-you materials to take the busywork out of your business. Improve your “googleability” with promotional videos for your business, a professional headshot, and a revamped image for your brand that brings it up to speed with your unique vision.

Running a business should be simpler. So should your strategy.

Driven Business School Elite shows you how to take your current brand and evolve it into an unstoppable force that’s visible, irresistible, and majorly profitable.

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