Being undependable is a slippery slope. It’s important for entrepreneurs and employees to be as dependable as possible to build trust and position yourself as someone who people can come to in times of need. A dependable person shows up on time, tries their best, and is consistent. Join Suzanne and Melonie as they detail other qualities that make people dependable, share examples of dependable employees, and even give tips about how you can be an essential component in your business. This is one episode of Serious Business that you won’t want to miss.


“If you’re letting other people down, you’re letting yourself down.”

– Suzanne Evans


In this episode:

  • Can dependability be taught?
  • When undependable people ask for a reference.
  • The top ways to be more dependable.
  • How to refocus and gauge your own job performance.
  • And much more!

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