As a culture, we love to be entertained- and your ideal clients are no different. Your audience is always looking for constant, bite-sized pieces of material to consume. And if you’re not creating it, you’re missing out on potential sales!
Whether you’re delivering your content in a blog, column or podcast, it’s all about staying relevant.  Easily accessible content helps you spread your message, keeps you top of mind, and helps you prepare material for speaking gigs!
Write to increase your visibility! These tips will get you started:
#1.) Start small! Is there a local newspaper, blog or e-newsletter that you love? Make an easy connection by letting the author know you appreciate their work and offer to be a contributor. Being a contributing writer on a blog is a great way to stretch your writing muscle and be seen by a different audience.
#2.) Wow your audience! Create content that will make people think. First, you should exemplify what you know and how you can help people. What are you the expert on? Talk about solving a problem to exemplify your experience, explain your approach, and build trust.
#3.) Let the world know! Don’t be shy about sharing your content- you’ve spent all that time making it great, be proud of it! Share your content with friends on email, social media, and tell people about your writing when you speak or network.
If you are consistent with your writing and build up an audience, you’ll be getting new clients in no time!