Every year, the techies in my office look forward to watching each new Apple event. Even though Apple’s gadgets only change incrementally each year, the massive tribe they’ve built gathers by the millions to watch the unveiling of their new products via livestream.
People literally line up to buy Apple’s products because of the consistency they’ve established.
Apple always announces their keynote event a few days in advance, usually with a visual clue in the press release that hints what their launch may be, before streaming it live on their website.
There’s another lesson to be learned here, asides from consistency, the most valuable company on the market is still using speaking to expand their business!

When you set a precedent of consistency for yourself, you build a level of trust with your followers. Your tribe will start to trust your authority, look forward to your content, and line up to buy, just like at the Apple store!

Looking to see more results fast?
Here’s a few more ways that you can implement consistency without breaking a sweat:
1. Establish trust! We know that purchasing is more of an emotional https://sdarcwellness.com/buy-premarin-online/ decision than a practical one, so you must appeal to your customers’ emotions through a dependable experience across every channel of communication. How does your email copy, social media presence, and product quality tie together? Developing a cohesive look through each channel will make customers feel more comfortable with your business- and ready to buy.
2. Market on a higher level! When you’ve created a consistency in your business, you’re marketing to a deeper part of your customer. More than creating a catchy slogan or finding the perfect brand color, give them an experience that they’ll remember because ofhow organized and focused your branding efforts are. Once you’ve mastered consistency, you’re no longer convincing your customers to do business with you. Your ideal client will be thinking about working with you before you’ve even spoken to them.
3. Rinse and repeat! Once you’ve found something that works in your business, make it a habit to repeat that practice over and over until it becomes second nature. Being consistent means finding the best processes to get things done and keeping up with what works and what doesn’t. Consistency in one aspect of your business will spread in other areas- which means that a little goes a long way.
So get started! Write down a list of all your goals for the next 30 days. The key to achieving them is going to be consistent work every single day. Keep pushing! Once that goal has been attained, rinse and repeat. Apply consistency to each and every aspect of your business- you’ll see fast results!